How do graphics cards work

The pictures you see on your screen are made of small dabs called pixels. At most basic determination settings, a screen shows over a million pixels, and the PC needs to choose what to do with each one keeping in mind the end goal to make a picture. To do this, it needs an interpreter – something to take paired information from the CPU and transform it into a photo you can see. Unless a PC has illustrations capacity incorporated with the motherboard, that interpretation happens on the designs card. Think of a computer as a company with its own art department. When people in the company want a piece of artwork, they send a request to the art department. The art department decides how to create the image and then puts it on paper. The end result is that someone’s idea becomes an actual, viewable picture.

A graphics card works along the same principles. The CPU, working in conjunction with software applications, sends information about the image to the graphics card. The graphics card decides how to use the pixels on the screen to create the image. It then sends that information to the monitor through a cable. ­

Creating an image out of binary data is a demanding process. To make a 3-D image, the graphics card first creates a wire frame out of straight lines. Then, it rasterizes the image (fills in the remaining pixels). It also adds lighting, texture and color. For fast-paced games, the computer has to go through this process about sixty times per second. Without a graphics card to perform the necessary calculations, the workload would be too much for the computer to handle.

The graphics card accomplishes this task using four main components:

A motherboard connection for data and power
A processor to decide what to do with each pixel on the screen
Memory to hold information about each pixel and to temporarily store completed pictures
A monitor connection so you can see the final result




How to buy legit games

Legit games are the copy of original game.But that’s also original.Let’s talk about how to buy legit games.

There are a plenty of disks of legit games.You can simply buy them and install them.Then you can play the multiplayer version of the game you bought.

Go to facebook and search for those who sell legit games.Contact them by sending messages to them.Then follow the steps carefully they provide.After that you will receive the game’s activation code via email.After you receive that,You need to redeem that game code to your platform.Then done! You now own the game for the rest of your life.Have fun in the arena with other players of the world!


In order to decorate your pc,you need a good looking casing.Besides,casing can do a lot more things.Let’s talk about it.

Today’s modern casings has glass on their side panel.It helps you to look to your overall pc condition.Your coller is running correctly or not,Your gpu is running well or not,Your cooling fan is running well or not etc. You can also see if your pc is burning.

A good casing has always a more number of ports which helps you to connect more devices at one time.Besides, these ports are so much high rated quiality.

Modern casings help to airflow the hot air from inside to outside well.

Some casing has LED lights on them.Which makes the computer look so good.

Top 10 addictive multiplayer games for pc

There are a plenty of multiplayer games in this world. But some of them are highly addictive. Today we have made a top 10 list of those masterpieces. we’ve made this totally on our opinion. So let’s get started.

10) Need for speed 2016

9) Battlefield 4

8) Dota 2

7) Paladins

6) Titanfall 2

5) Battlefield 1

4) Counter strike: global offensive

3) Ghost recon wildlands

2) GTA 5

1)  Rocket League

Multiplayer Online Games

Gaming world is now mostly depended on multiplayer games.Addictive multiplayer games have made the gaming world awesome.

Some people want to play multiplayer games without buying the legit copy of the game.And some people don’t even understand how to play multiplayer games.They buy disk of the game of download from different websites and try to play multiplayer.This is totally shit.Some people try to crack every game and want to play multiplayer.Yes you can crack a few online games but not all.Tunngle and many other clients have made this possible.If you crack an online game then you can play multiplayer but on the cracked servers.You can’t play in official servers.In cracked servers, you will find a little number of players.They have also cracked the game like you and are playing on the cracked servers like you.And the legit are always legit.They play together at the arena of official servers.Please don’t trust any kind of fake websites that is providing legit game keys,gift cards and many more.They all are scam.Stay far away from them

Happy gaming


The cooler is to cool down your pc.The processor is invented by man but it works much more faster than man.It has to do so many tasks a second.You can’t even imagine how much.So the processor often gets so much hot.That’s why the cooler is used to reduce that heat.Cooling fans drag the hot air outsode from inside.This way,the heat is decreased averagely.Always use cooler for.your safety

Mobo and gpu burning issue

Gamers are familiar with mobo and gpu.Many people wonder why their mobo and gpu burns sometimes.Let’s talk about it below

Mainly the burning causes for power supply (psu).The psu should be bought according to the gpu.How much power the gpu consumes and how much power the gpu needs.You need to know all about these.Moderate motherboards also consume more power.The more.powerful gpu you take,the more power you need.So you need to buy those psu’s which can handle your gpu and mobo.And you shouldn’t give pressure to your pc.It makes affect to the psu.The main thing is you need to use the psu with carefully

How to earn money playing video games

Playing video games is a passion.But you can turn this passion into job.Now a lots of people are earning so much money playing video games.Now we are gonna learn how to do that

1) Youtube: Play games and record them with any kind of recorder.Then simply upload them to youtube

2) Twitch: Often do live streams on twitch

3) Always take part in the gaming festivals or tournaments of your local area.They give big prizes for winning.



SSD is a device like HDD. But SSD is much smaller than HDD.But it works pretty good.You can store all kind of things in a SSD like a HDD.Besides,SDD is used for making your computer work fast.Generally a SSD allows you to finish the startup of your computer within 5 seconds where normal computers take upto 30 seconds.SSD will let you click and open your apps in maximum 10 seconds from the beginning.After all it helps the gamers a lot

What is an UPS?

1st of all UPS is a device.Now what it does? Let’t learn about it

Every person know what electricity is.They also know that a computer needs electricity to run.But what happens when there appears load-shedding? Your computer turns off, right? Yes it is. You may heard that shutting down the computer directly causes damage to computer. When electricity is gone,your computer shuts down directly.For this, your computer may have some kind of damage.That’s why UPS is invented.It is a device that contains a little power.With which you can run a device for a few minutes.If you have any UPS connected to your computer then you don’t have to take tension.Because your computer will not shut down then.It will still run but only for a few minutes.Take this short advantage to shut your computer down.In this way,your computer will not have any kind of damage.That’s why UPS is used for